Welcome on our Blog

We, Laura and Uli, are finally also venturing out into the strange wide world. And as it is typically done these days, we also try to write down our experiences and impressions which we primarily want to share with our loved ones. We do not yet know how often or regularly we are going to upload texts and images. But it will probably not be every day;).

If you are interested in our experiences and pictures, please take a look at our blog page "Unser Reisetagebuch". Here we will put all contributions in .....

What is the best topic to start with on such a blog? Well, probably first of all how we want to to travel ... namely with our hunk. Our hunk is a retired oldtimer truck from the German Bundeswehr, which has been turned upside down by us in long and hard work sessions. For more details please read the section "Unser Hunk" ......

What else should not be missing on a travel blog, of course, is the route planned previously on umpteen evenings, along which every reader can go through with more or less great (malicious) joy our actual tour history. Please go to the heading "Travel planning" 😉

Since we don't want to start endless blog discussions on our trip, we decided not to include the possibility of leaving comments on our blog. If interested people from the endless expanses of the Internet get lost on our site and have questions for us, we look forward to an email from you. For this, please refer to the "Impressum".